This generator is unfinished.
Done: overall budget manager, NPC blocks, treasure allocation groups; gold, gems; potions, scrolls, wands; wondrous items (inc least wondrous); rods (inc metamagic), staves, rings; masterwork arms and armour; magic arms an armour; specific armour and sheild

TODO: Bane weapon type.
TODO: Energy resistance type.
TODO: Masterwork armour of a specific material (subbing in mithril chain shirt instead).
Known Issue: Table 7-13 in Ultimate Equipment is missing entries for 66-84. When you see "UE Table 7-13: 66-84", just pick something.

APL Amount: Advancement rate: Total treasure budget: 0
Amt Value
CP 0 0.00
SP 0 0.00
GP 0 0.00
PP 0 0.00
Total coins 0.00
Gems 0.00
Art Objects 0.00
Total currency 0.00
Items 0.00
Armour 0.00
Weapons 0.00
Total value 0.00
Art Objects

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